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Trees always seem to fall in the most inconvenient way possible. Most of the times it seems like they could have fallen any other direction but the one that they did, and it would have been fine.

If you find yourself with a tree hampering your daily living, your first call needs to be to Western Tree Solutions. With years of experience in the tree removal service, coupled with an emergency tree service hot line, Western Tree Solutions will get you back to full speed in no time.

  • Experienced Tree Removal Service Team
  • Low Impact Tree Service for Trees in Awkward or Dangerous Positions
  • Fast and Reliable Local Tree Removal Service

It doesn’t matter if you have one tree that needs removing in the middle of the night, or twenty trees that need to be removed over the week, Western Tree Solutions is your answer. We bring not only a high level of experience to your tree removal service project, but we bring the integrity that has helped us build our name as the number one tree removal service company to call.


Low Impact Tree Service • Lowest Impact

westerntree-Crane-RemovalDo you have a tree that is leaning dangerously towards your home? Is a tree on your property threatening a public roadway? Do you have a tree with broken branches over your property that you don’t want to have to keep worrying about when they will drop? Western Tree Solutions has the perfect answer for you. With our low impact tree service, we will bring a team of tree removal service specialists who specialize in low impact tree service and removal. Not only does this mean that we keep impact to a minimum when we bring the tree down, but we also make sure that the removal of the tree or its branches leaves little or no impact on its surroundings. Everything from the initial tree removal service, to the clean up afterword, is done to our own exacting standards of perfection. When we drive away, the only thing you’ll see changed is the tree we’ve removed.

Don’t put up with second-rate companies when it comes to your tree removal service. It’s just not worth the risk of an accident when using companies that just don’t have the experience or know-how of Western Tree Solutions. Call Western Tree Solutions today and let us show you why we are Washington’s best!