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westerntree-jap-maple-pruning-editedIf you need tree pruning for the trees on your property, or even if you just need someone to help out by trimming trees around your driveway, call Western Tree Solutions.

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Did you know that you are responsible to make sure that the trees on your property don’t obstruct the view of those driving around them? Western Tree Solutions can help by trimming trees and branches that have grown too far into the road and have started blocking people’s views or make it difficult to back out of driveways.

Western Tree Solutions has years of experience in trimming trees and tree pruning. We know how to prune trees so that the tree experiences the least possible impact, while still achieving a safe parameter of growth. That way you can keep the neighborhood safe while still maintaining a beautiful barrier of trees.


Trimming Trees • Tree Trimming


westerntree-Before-and-after-japanese-plum-pruneTrimming trees can be for many different needs or requirements. At Western Tree Solutions we can trim them according to the strictest standards or to fulfill the tightest homeowners associations requirements. With our years of experience and professional grade equipment, you wont find a better company for trimming trees anywhere.

Our experience in trimming trees also allows us to offer decorative trimming for parties or family get-togethers. We can help you design the perfect look for the trees down your driveway, or start trimming trees in your backyard to help show off your beautiful views.


Pruning • Pruning Trees


Tree-Removal-Progression-4Pruning can dramatically help a trees health by removing dead or dying growth, and letting the tree focus it’s energy on healthy branches and leaves. If you notice a tree on your property that looks as though it was starting to die or become unhealthy, call Western Tree Solutions and let us see if tree pruning might be able to help your tree recover. With our high level of experience in tree pruning we not only know what to prune and what not to prune, but we also have the local climate experience to know when to prune. This is extremely important to ensure that the freshly pruned branch has a chance to heal properly and not risk unnecessary damage to the tree.

Don’t let someone start hacking your trees apart. Call the experts and let Western Tree Solutions prune your trees today!