Tree Planting


westerntree-Planting-Starts-from-customers-pruningsAt Western Tree Solutions, we are dedicated to serving our customer through every step of the tree care process.

This means that if we work together on a tree removal, we are there to help when you are ready to replant a tree as well!

It's all part of our green approach and the notion that we truly CARE for our customers and the trees that surround us.  Western Tree Solutions knows first hand the importance of a healthy planting setup.

At Western Tree Solutions, our tree planting service doesn’t mean shoving a few trees in the ground. In working with you, we focus on what your goals might be, making suggestions and helping you choose your best fit for planting.

Our next step is to carefully research exactly what is needed to set the tree planting up. This  ensures your new tree's future success, it's what we are all about! It is this careful attention to detail that sets us apart and has given us the most trusted name in Tree Service and Care.
    •    Commercial or Residential Tree Planting Service
    •    Years of Local Washington Experience