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westerntree-Before-and-after-japanese-plum-pruneTree health is an incredibly important part of maintaining a yard in today’s world. We are responsible for our tree health as well as making sure that the trees on or around our property don’t fall into poor health and damage the property or persons around it.

Tree health care is more than just simply pruning off a few dead branches, or thinning out branches that are growing too close together. Tree health care is a holistic approach that takes not only the branches and leaves of a tree into account, but also ensures that the bark, trunk, roots, and soil around a tree are being cared for properly.

Western Tree Solutions is proud to be a leader not only in the ideals of tree health care, but in leading edge ideas and concepts to better promote tree health care.

  • Years of Experience and Training in Tree Health Care
  • Leading Edge Concepts in Tree Health Care
  • Holistic Tree Health Care Approach

Western Tree Solutions extensive experience locally, working with local Washington trees and bushes makes us the perfect choice for all of your tree health care needs. Our local experience has made us the experts in not only the local flora, but also in how each plant reacts to the climate around it as well. No one knows your tree health better than Western Tree Solutions!


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westerntree-jap-maple-pruning-editedThe term “Tree Surgeon” refers to an expert in tree health care and protection, as well as surgical trimming or removal if need dictates. Western Tree Solutions is proud to have a highly experienced tree surgeon ready to help you with your difficult tree health issues. Whether you need help determining what is killing a decorative tree that is a part of your landscaping, or you need help removing a tree that looks to you like it has no place to safely fall; Western Tree Solutions is here to help!

  • Highly Experienced Tree Surgeon Can Help With Difficult Tree Felling
  • Locally Trained in all Local Flora and Climate
  • Commercial and Residential Tree Surgeon

If there is a tree in your life that needs the attention of a tree surgeon; don’t waste time calling companies that rely on flashy ads or loud radio commercials to make a name for themselves, call the best Washington has to offer. Call Western Tree Solutions and let us take care of your trees health today!