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westerntree-jap-maple-pruning-editedFruit tree pruning is one of the most important things that you must do to ensure both the health of your fruit trees, and that they produce large and tasteful fruit. If a fruit tree is left to grown on its own, it will devote much of its nutrients into growing more branches and leaves, and less into growing larger fruit.

Western Tree Solutions has both the knowledge based in years of fruit tree pruning experience, and years of local Washington climate and flora. This gives us the advantage of not just knowing how much or how little to prune, but where and when to prune as well.

  • Years of Expert Fruit Tree Pruning Experience
  • Learn How to Prune from the Experts
  • Local Fruit Tree Pruning for Entire Orchards or Single Trees


How To Prune • Learn How To Prune


westerntree-Before-and-after-japanese-plum-pruneLearning how to prune your fruit trees will let you nurture your trees into a healthier status, as well as increasing the size and quality of fruit that you are able to harvest from them. Our fruit tree pruning specialist can help prune all of your fruit trees, or can help teach you how to better care for them in the future.

Did you know that a properly pruned fruit tree is able to produce dramatically more edible fruit each season than a tree left to grow on its own? Fruit Tree Pruning helps to redirect much of the tree’s expansion energy back into growing the fruit larger. This helps to keep the fruit accessible for harvesting as well. And with many or all of the unhealthy branches gone, you will have less difficulty with branches breaking under the load of a healthy harvest.

Nothing can substitute for experience when it comes to knowing how to prune. Western Tree Solutions is proud to boast not only local highly experienced fruit tree pruning crews, but a “how to prune” training option that will let you take control of your own fruit tree pruning in the future if that is your goal.

Bring all of your fruit tree pruning needs to Western Tree Solutions and let us get your orchard back to producing the way you had always dreamed. Don’t trust your orchard to a company that sends out first year rookies to do your fruit tree pruning. Call Western Tree Solutions and get our most experienced fruit tree pruning crew today!