Western Tree Solutions 1I learned about Western Tree Solutions from a neighbor. They gave them a glowing recommendation and after having Brett and Meghan do work for us I have to say I agree whole heartedly. Anybody can cut down a tree but Brett knows about trees. He is knowledgeable with a strong work ethic and after doing some comparisons with other tree services his prices are fair. I will continue to use Western Tree Solutions to solve our tree problems and have recommended them to several friends.
 - Pam D.

We are so grateful to you for looking after the trees and shrubs for us. You are so knowledgeable and professional, and we hope to see you on one of our future visits. We love the new birch tree you selected and planted.

Nancy S. - an out of state customer with whom we conduct business via photos and email

We were interested in having a large douglas fir removed that was encroaching upon our home. The tree was beginning to be a safety hazard as a third of it was literally over the roof of our home. Brett and Megan of Western Tree Solutions were the first of four tree service contractors that we had visit our home for the purpose of receiving bids and proposals. Not only did WTS provide the lowest bid of the four, but we were also compelled to give WTS our business as we Western Tree Solutions 2felt most comfortable with their proposal and Brett and Megan as trustworthy people. We were not dissapointed! WTS completed the project exactly as they said they would without a stitch of damage to our home. The project was done in timely manner and the yard cleaned up as it should be. Would definitely recommend WTS to both family and friends!!!

Great service, great price. Western Tree Solutions came through quickly and professionally. Really liked their sustainable approach to tree maintenance. Other arborists recommended removing a most of our trees for “safety” reasons, reducing the NW charm of our property. WTS came in and did a detailed assessment and recommended a solution that retained the character of our home. Price was excellent also!

  • Brett and Megan are a great team! They arrived when they said they would, explained the project clearly, and executed it as planned. The crew stayed on schedule and showed a lot of concern for trees, bushes, irrigation systems and the septic system adjacent to the trees they removed. Clean-up was very detailed, and included the yard, driveway, street. Great company, great crew, great job!  - ronald M.

  • Megan & Brett were such a pleasure to work with on my small job, I recommended them for a much larger Western Tree Solutions 3corporate job. They lived up to their name as a preservation company, thoroughly explaining the issues and consequences of each trim or tree removal and they did exactly what was agreed upon. They really spent a lot of time with us. Their estimate was very competitive which was the #1 factor to the board of directors. Western Tree Solutions has done many jobs in the neighborhood and we're all big fans.  

  • It's hard to heap enough praise on Western Tree Solutions, but I'll try and summarize our recent experience with them. 1) They listen to the customer and come up with suggestions and a clear plan for accomplishing what you want. 2) They do exactly what they say they will do. 3) They are very prompt, showing up with they say they will and finishing within the estimated time. 4) They leave your property at least as clean as they found it. 5) Their prices are very reasonable and the final bill will be what the estimate said. 6) They are extremely pleasant to work with. In sum, they are just a pleasure to deal with on all levels.  - David


Megan & Brett,

We have only known you for an hour or so, but your service and professionalism has been amazing and we are very thankful that you were at our house within minutes after we had called. You bet that we will refer you to any folks who will be looking to remove trees. We sincerely thank you.